Lebanon – One Epic Journey in The Middle East

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The last 2 years have been difficult (to say the least) for Lebanese people, struggling with hyperinflation due to decades of government corruption, lack of electricity, endless queues for inexisting fuel, lack of medicines in the hospitals, a blast that destroyed the capital, killed more than 2 hundred people, injured thousands, left hundreds of thousands homeless… all of this during a pandemic!

People are still waiting for answers and justice from the government… one year after their lost! 

So you may ask: why did you go to a country that’s facing a humanitarian crisis like Lebanon?

Well… let me show you why! It was an epic adventure in Lebanon!

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Então podem questionar-me: por que é que foste para um país que está a enfrentar uma crise humanitária, como o Líbano?

Bem … deixem-me mostrar porquê!

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