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Hi, I’m Angela, the author of Blonde Around The World

I’m so happy to have you in my blog. I’m a portuguese photographer addicted to explore the world and get connected with other cultures. Until now I’ve been in 5 continents.

Don’t ask how many countries I’ve visited so far. I don’t collect stamps in my passport, I rather collect memories.

At the end of the day I’m a storyteller who has some great adventures to share with you.

Recent Blog Posts

2 Days in Sevilla – More than Tapas and Flamenco

ENG Sevilla! The days started early with the sun shining in the sky, illuminating the narrow streets and charming squares that are scattered throughout the city. The city has lots of parks and gardens, which in springtime exude the smell of flowers from the first hours of sunrise. I always like to walk early in…

10 Days in SYRIA – A Chronicle of Hope

ENG Intro What comes to mind when you hear about Syria? Certainly, nothing good. Probably images of destruction from a bloody war. Or of the recent earthquake that struck the country. Syria is a punch in the stomach for those who have the privilege of living in peace. For those who, like me, have never…

Travel Guides – Inspiring You to Travel The World

ENG – Find Your Travel Guides Here “Why should I have travel guides?”. Easy answer! Because it is not always easy to organize a trip. We all have an idea of the place we are going to visit, but putting the ideas in order and the expectations on paper sometimes becomes a task that leaves…



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