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Wadi Rum – Why You Should Spend 2 Days in the Desert

ENG Welcome to Wadi Rum, it is considered one of the most beautiful deserts in the world. As much as you know how extraordinary it is, nothing compares to seeing it with your own eyes and for those who, like me, are fans of the desert, this is a unique experience. Anything I can describe…

12 Days in Jordan – Road Tripping The Kingdom of Smiles

ENG 12 Days in Jordan allowed me to get to know a country beyond the obvious. There is a kingdom as old as history itself. A land that has been part of our imagination since we were children. A kingdom where all roads lead to places of endless beauty. Here history is palpable in every…

Petra – 2 Days in The Lost City of Jordan

ENG Petra is part of the imagination of the vast majority of people. Who doesn’t remember seeing Indiana Jones traverse the mythical Siq Canyon and end up in the magnificent Treasury Square? But our imagination doesn’t stop with Indiana Jones movies. When we think of Petra, we are immediately taken to a universe of adventure,…

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