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10 Days in SYRIA – A Chronicle of Hope

ENG Intro What comes to mind when you hear about Syria? Certainly, nothing good. Probably images of destruction from a bloody war. Or of the recent earthquake that struck the country. Syria is a punch in the stomach for those who have the privilege of living in peace. For those who, like me, have never…

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2 Days in Sevilla – More than Tapas and Flamenco

ENG Sevilla! The days started early with the sun shining in the sky, illuminating the narrow streets and charming squares that are scattered throughout the city. The city has lots of parks and gardens, which in springtime exude the smell of flowers from the first hours of sunrise. I always like to walk early in…

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Unforgettable Pakistan – a Fascinating Country

ENG Unforgettable Pakistan. There is a Punjabi saying that goes: “He who has not yet seen Lahore, has not yet been born”. After 18 days on a road-trip through Pakistan with 100Rota, I came to the conclusion that the saying can be adapted to: “Anyone who has not yet seen Pakistan, has not yet seen…

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India – The Amazing Journey of a Life Time

ENG UPDATED in August 2023 – Complete itinerary There is a world inside India. A chaotic world of friendly smiles, bright colors, spicy flavors, spices and aromas, street markets, cultural and religious diversity, economic extremes and social strata, majestic deserts, lush forests, towering mountains, sandy beaches, unparalleled biodiversity, fairy-tale palaces, temples and thousand-year-old cities, celebration…

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Iceland – The Extraordinary Winter Wonderland

ENG Iceland had been on my dream list for many years. I had always heard that it is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which made me curious, and I can’t hide the fact that it is, of all the places I have visited, my favorite. Then there is another side…

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Lisboa – Exploring The Charismatic City Center

ENG Like any European capital, Lisboa has a huge range of places to visit. From the architectural to the cultural heritage, from the viewpoints with breathtaking views, to the typical neighborhoods, to the cosmopolitan side that competes with any trendy European capital. The city of the seven hills offers a variety of options to those…

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Trip to Mexico – Beyond the travel cliché

ENG It is impossible to describe the trip to Mexico in a few lines. It was 3 weeks with 100 Rota, which consisted of an adventure in road trip format that mixed the experience of the soul of the pueblos magicos, the gastronomic experience, the immersion in the country’s history, and even a short trip…

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LONDON – Take a Walk on the River Side

EN Are you thinking of visiting London, but have little time to see so much? Would you prefer to walk around outside and, if possible, do a free activity? I have a suggestion for you! When I was organizing the itinerary for my trip to London, I knew that I only had a few days…

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Rome – Itinerary for 3 Days in the Eternal City

ENG Rome is known as the Eternal City and many of us have this European capital on our list to visit. It was for a long time the capital of the empire and of the world. Disclaimer: I use affiliate links here, which means that if you buy something through my affiliate links, I receive…

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