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Iceland – The Extraordinary Winter Wonderland

ENG Iceland had been on my dream list for many years. I had always heard that it is considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which made me curious, and I can’t hide the fact that it is, of all the places I have visited, my favorite. Then there is another side…

Pack for Iceland – 10 Essencial Itens

ENG Intro Pack for Iceland essentials! What to take in your suitcase for a trip to Iceland, particularly with regard to clothing, depends largely on the time of year you visit the country. However, there are items that can be considered transversal to both major seasons: summer and winter. Disclaimer: I use affiliate links here,…

10 Days In Iceland – How much does it REALLY cost?

ENG I am often asked how much my trip to Iceland cost. Because it is an expensive destination, at least by most traveler standards, there is a certain stigma about it. So let’s clear up a few questions and break down all my expenses. Always keep in mind that this trip took place before the pandemic, so this does not include test…

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